Karen Kerr

Karen Kerr

BA, BVSc (Hons), MANZCVS (Anaesthesia & Analgesia) Technical Services Veterinarian

Dr. Kerr completed her veterinary studies at the University of Queensland, in her native Australia and proceeded to work in a variety of hospitals, including equine and mixed practices in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. During this time Karen developed an appreciation for the variety of approaches to veterinary medicine in different regions and with different species.

In early 2015, Karen accepted the position of Companion Animal Technical Services Veterinarian at Jurox in Australia. In this position she offered support and training to veterinarians and technicians throughout Australia and New Zealand in the use of Alfaxan and anesthesia more generally.

In May 2017, Karen took up a role as Technical Services Veterinarian for Jurox in the USA, where she continues to offer her knowledge and experience to enhance the practice of anesthesia by veterinarians and technicians.

Karen’s interests in veterinary medicine include anesthesia, pharmacology, internal medicine and equine reproduction.

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