Think Anesthesia: The Anesthetic Process

As part of our Think Anesthesia® educational initiative, this presentation, The Anesthetic Process, is our foundational presentation that details the steps considered when preparing and performing anesthesia on a patient. The webinar will address patient assessment and planning period, premedication, induction, maintenance and recovery, current methods of monitoring anesthesia, and drugs used in the peri-anesthetic period. This presentation embraces the philosophy that anesthesia starts and ends at home for the patient. It takes into consideration the patient and client experience while providing a review of best practices in anesthesia preparation and execution. Within this RACE approved 2-hour webinar we review the categorical steps of creating a balanced anesthetic plan. We explore peri-anesthetic drugs, their pharmacology and how to optimize their use within the anesthetic process. We review recommended monitoring during anesthesia focusing on identifying normal and common abnormal vital parameters and monitoring waveforms. Finally, we review the characteristics of some common anesthetic complications, their causes and treatment options.

Successful completion of a short quiz following this webinar is required to receive 2 continuing education credits.

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